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Lunch Special
Monday to Saturday 11:00am - 2:30pm

Roll Lunch Special
Served w. Miso Soup or Salad
Any Two Rolls $9.00 / Any Three Rolls $12.00

          California Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Spicy Salmon Roll
Spicy Crabmeat Roll
Crab & Cucumber Roll
Shrimp & Cucumber Roll
Salmon Skin Roll

Yellowtail Roll
Tuna Roll
Salmon Roll
Avocado Roll
Cucumber Roll
Asparagus Roll
Chicken Tempura Roll
Yam Tempura Roll

Lunch Boxes
4 pcs. of California Roll, 2pcs. of Shumai
Served w. Soup or Salad

Beef Teriyaki 10
Salmon Teriyaki 10
Chicken Teriyaki 9
Tofu Teriyaki 9
Tempura Combo
Shrimp, chicken & vegetable
Ton Katsu 9
Chicken Katsu 9

Hibachi Lunch
Served w. Soup or Salad, Fried Rice and Veg.

Hibachi Vegetable 10
Hibachi Chicken 11
Hibachi Steak 11
Hibachi Shrimp 11
Hibachi Salmon 11

Chinese Lunch
Served w. Daily Soup or Salad
Served w. White, Brown or Veg. Fried Rice

  Sesame Chicken 8
* Spicy Crispy Orange Peel Chicken 8
  Sweet & Sour Chicken 8
  Chicken or Beef Lo Mein 8
* Shrimp or Beef w. Garlic Sauce 9
  Phoenix Chicken 9
* Asiana Jalapeno Chicken 9

Sushi Lunch $11
Chef's choice ~ 4pcs. of
sushi, w. 1 Caifornia roll,
includes miso soup or salad.

Sashimi Lunch $13
Chef's choice ~ 10pcs. of sashimi,
w. steamed rice, includes miso soup or salad

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